Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Unexpected Pleasures

I love it when life throws up little happy surprises for you. Yesterday evening I was walking home, enjoying the fact that it was still light, when I spotted in the verge two little clumps of bluebells! I love bluebells, and had to resist the urge to dig them up carefully and plant them in vintage cups and saucers to have at home! Instead I contented myself with snapping a quick photo and smiling as I went on my way.

Today has presented me with a lovely lunch with a lovely person (nothing quite like sharing home cooked Spanish food on a sunny day!) and a new haircut, the result of a spur of the moment whim! The lovely Nathan has kept the length for me, but I now have a fringe which I can blow dry straight down and quite vintagey, or sweep to one side out of the way!

An Easter card from my sister sprinkled my toes with tiny egg shaped glitter confetti! And the same lovely sister presented me with two handwritten pages of recipes of hers that I have coveted for ages.

Alas, the steam cleaner I ordered has not yet arrived, but I have the fun of anticipating its coming and looking forward to it! I tend to use natural cleaning products anyway, but I think you can't get more natural than steam! It comes with lots of attachments so I can use it for everything from cleaning the oven to the sofa to the shower!

Just dropping in for a quick hello this evening, I am still working my way through crepe papering easter gifts. Oh, my work giftlets metamorphosised into something different than I had planned! I found really pretty Easter paper cups, so I took pastel coloured tissue paper, and stuffed each cup with a square of that all crinkled up so quite a lot showed at the top. I dropped a Cadbury Caramel egg into the bottom of each one, then some Cadbury mini eggs, then some teeny tiny chocolate eggs, smaller than a raisin! I topped each one with a fluffy pipe cleaner chick, and then a flag, the kind you would usually use to label sandwiches, with the recipients name. Now I just have to finish off my little crepe paper surprise bundles for my family!

I hope that you are having a lovely evening!


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Dinahsoar said...

Is there anything sweeter than a vintage tea cup filled with a posey?

Confetti--love the my sister good one year when I placed it in my Christmas cards..ever after she was suspect whenever I sent her a card...such simple fun.

Changing up the hairstyle a bit is fun. I always wonder why I didn't do it sooner.

I'm wondering if your steam cleaner is like the shark. I'm tempted to get one.

And your Easter cups are bound to delight the recipients. I can never get enough of the sweetness of Easter novelties.