Sunday, 7 August 2011

Macaroons and Moody Blues

When I last left you, I was pondering on what to do with my evening of Saturday solitude. In the end I painted my nails red (Affair in Red Square by OPI) whilst watching the French film Love Me If You Dare. Then I took myself into the kitchen to make coffee macaroons. I have made them once before and was astonished at how well they came out, given their reputation for being difficult.

It seems to me that if macaroons were people, they would be a moody french femme fatale, giving you a smile at first, then tossing her hair and walking away. Because this batch of macaroons just refused to behave at all. Despite my blending the almonds, icing sugar and coffee, the mixture was somehow lumpy, and impossible to pipe into neat circles. I cooked them in an oven preheated to the same temperature as last time, for the same length of time, but this batch came out a little underdone, and several collapsed into a sticky mess as I tried to get them off the baking sheet. I hoped that the next morning things would go a little better, but the coffee icing was far too runny and refused to set! I wonder how they will come out next time.....

Actually, the moodiness of my macaroons put me in mind of two things...firstly a novel that I have been waiting to read for a while, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, about a girl who can taste the emotions of the person who has prepared the food. Secondly, this song by Elvis: which I love!

I am determined to master the art of macaroon baking...perhaps when I make the next batch, I will listen to Moody Blue whilst I bake!

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a pink-bee said...

Good luck with the next batch of macaroons. Have been wanting to try to make some for ages ~ will for sure now. Saw some mini one in a cook book ~ too sweet :). HaPPy day :)