Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday Solitude

This morning was incredibly busy and bustly at work...which is lovely. But a quiet afternoon alone is a nice contrast. It feels a bit odd to be alone on a Saturday afternoon though. Usually dear Carl and I spend them together, but he is in London with a friend who gets married in a few weeks time. I have been reading the archives of a blog I discovered last and just got caught up to date. As well as having a severe case of wardrobe envy, she has made me want to try rag-rolled curls, although I think my hair might be a little on the long side. I want to make some coffee macaroons to take tomorrow when we go to my sister's barbeque. Later I have a friend coming to see me for a little while before going off on a night out a groups of friends, then she is coming back to ours to sleep. I have found out the blow up mattress already which is a good thing!

And now I find myself pondering what to do next. Change my nail polish? (I know I keep singing its praises, but OPI Start to Finish is really fabulous) or watch the film I ordered from the library (Love Me If You Dare) or go into the kitchen and start baking. Maybe its time for a coffee and a custard tart that I bought from the Farmer's Market this morning? Crochet a bit more on the Union Jack cushion I am making? Cross stitch a bit more on my 'Keep Calm and Carry On' embroidery?

Actually, I think what I may do is go and put the kettle on, and make a cup of tea while I decide!


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Dinahsoar said...

My mom used to rag roll my hair--it was long and the results were nice...long curls or if brushed our it had a nice waviness that was full.

Sounds like you are having a nice leisurely day...I'm having some indecision as to what to do next as some paper crafts...make a dessert for tomorrow. I'm not drinking tea but I am drinking iced coffee and eating some Ghiradelli white chocolate.

Hope the rest of your day yields lots of bliss.