Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Penny For My Thoughts

I was flicking through the Sunday papers, when a fashion shoot caught my eye. Now usually fashion shoots only catch my eye to make me gasp in horror or shock, but this time my attention was caught for a good reason! The feature was about autumn fashions, and one of the models had the most beautiful nail polish on, a really rich chocolate brown.

When I looked up at the bottom of the page, I found that despite her wearing a £500 jumper in the photo, she was wearing £5 nail polish by Andrea Fullerton in a shade called 'Penelope'. I had a £5 gift voucher stashed in my handbag, so it seemed to be the fates of Autumn telling me to try it!

So here are my thoughts on Penelope by Andrea Fullerton...

...firstly, the display in the shop was nice, rather than a static counter, it was a spinner display which made it nice and easy to see the different colours on offer. I know it makes no earthly difference to the product, but I do like it when makeup has nice names for their shades rather than just numbers. 'Penelope' is described as chocoletta brown, but I was also tempted by the similar looking 'Naomi' which was a little more red, and the natural creme 'Nigella'. I walked away with just what I cam for though. considering that the press release which I found on the Andrea Fullerton website suggests that the colours are perfect for one coat application, I have to wonder if they have actually used their own product. While I was pleased that the colour came out the same as in the bottle, it felt very thin and streaky. Almost like it had been diluted too much. A second coat was essential, which did make the coverage more even, but also made the colour just a little bit darker, perhaps a bit too dark for my liking. Perhaps it is my pale skin, but the colour loses some of its rich chocolate colour and becomes more like black coffee. So I preferred the colour of one coat but you really could not wear it with one coat because of the coverage.

...the lasting power I have not really tested fairly because OPIs Start To Finish has become a standard part of my manicure. I have said it before but it will keep polish on for at least a week without a hint of a chip, even if like me, you tend to wash up without using gloves!

So overall...I liked the display and the concept of giving the polishes girls names, but at £5 a bottle I would expect a better quality of product, to go on in one coat without the streaking, or to retain the correct colour after 2 coats. For my money, I think Rimmel offers better products at better prices, so I won't be buying from Andrea Fullerton again.

I must remember to change my polish before Saturday...we are going to a wedding, to which I am going to wear a jade green dress, and I want to have bright red nails to go with it. I wore the outfit last weekend, and with black heels, a black belt, red lipstick and nails and fluttery false lashes, and really liked the jewel green and red against the black.

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Dinahsoar said...

You said: I know it makes no earthly difference to the product, but I do like it when makeup has nice names for their shades rather than just numbers. Me too.

Such like is part of the marketing process and good marketing can help a product sell. I've often been drawn to one product over the other based on a name or package design or presentation. We are creatures with multiple senses, and we consider-- in addition to quality and price--the aspect of appeal when deciding on a purchase. A smart marketer can convince us we need his/her product. It's not necessarily manipulative because the burden to 'beware' falls to the consumer. We do well to be wise consumers, but many of us want pretty things as well as functional things.

As for the color of the polish, it does sound like the models polish had been 'enhanced'. I've found that photographs of an object do not always match the reality. That aspect, plus the aspect of staging a shoot comes into play, and as you know, the test is the actuality.

Isn't autumn fun though? Forward looking to change that is welcomed--a good thing.