Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Nice Cup of Tea and a Murder!

Yesterday, whilst I was in Waterstones, waiting while a friend made her purchases, I suddenly spotted a display of books...aimed at people who like Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth - 'cosy' murder mysteries. I actually gave a little shriek as I rushed over, because for the first time ever, I saw Laura Childs' Tea Shop Mysteries for sale in this country.

I had read a few that were in the library and really loved them. Theodosia Browning is the main character, and she owns a Tea Shop where the menus sound heavenly and are often themed, and some of the recipes are included at the back of the book. She often gets embroiled in a murder mystery, and plays a kind of Jessica Fletcher character. The titles all have some kind of tea in them, such as 'Shades of Earl Grey' 'Dragonwell Dead' 'The English Breakfast Murder' and so on. They are gentle stories, yes there are murders, but they are very much in the Agatha Christie vein, and they won't leave you jumpy or with nightmares.

I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed reading them, and when I checked, more have been written since I read them last, so I have placed some orders at the library so I can start reading the series again. If you are looking for a gentle read that will keep you guessing, and leave you hurrying to the kitchen to start baking and brew a fresh pot of tea, then do give them a go!


Jackie said...

Another author for my wish list!

I love Agatha Raisin, and am slowly working my way through the series. I limit myself to one or two a month so that I don't get fed up with type of storyline. Like trying not to eat a box of chocolates in one sitting!


Dinahsoar said...

That is my kind of murder mystery--cozy. I've seen that series I do believe.

Murder She Wrote, Poirot, Miss Marple--particulary with Joan Hickson-- and Midsomer Murder are some of my favorite video series.

Have you seen the Halloween Poirot? is great, perfect for October. And I love David Suchet as Poirot.

When John Nettles retired I was dismayed...he was perfect as Inspector Barnaby. I am slowly warming to his replacement and keeping my fingers crossed that the series will continue to be as good as it was with JN.

Hausfrau said...

Thanks for reminding me that I have one of these waiting on a shelf--I'll be pulling it down soon!