Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wonderful Waitrose

I always used to think that my personal measure of richness would be able to do all my grocery shopping in Waitrose or Marks and Spencer, and to always be able to buy the proper wool for a project rather than getting a cheap brand from the market.

Can you imagine my surprise then, that I find myself shopping at Waitrose now, when our budget is tighter than it has ever been? And although it would be very, very easy to spend a month or more of housekeeping in one go in there, if you shop carefully, it is actually surprisingly economical.

I had a £15 off if you spend £75 voucher, so I decided to use that, several months ago. I shopped online, with a list, and got a lot for my money. Also, I was really impressed with the service. The delivery slots are in 1 hour blocks, staggered in half hour intervals so it is really easy to get a time that you want, and not have to wait around too long for it. They send you a text message on the morning of your delivery, to confirm the time, who the driver will be, which van they will be driving (they are all named after fruit or veg!) and if you have any missing items. The bags are colour coded so you know what needs to be unpacked into the fridge first, and they will take old bags back to be recylced. Also, on the receipt, the items are laid out in order of expiry date so you can see what to use first. The delivery people have carried everything up to our first floor flat and been really pleasant too.

All in all, I really couldn't be more impressed. I have been getting even better value for money too, by paying a flat fee each month which entitles to me to as many deliveries as I wish. It works out better than paying a delivery fee each time! Oh, and I had an email today to say that when I have put in my fifth order, I can choose either a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne as a thank you!

I still was not convinced it was the cheapest option out of those supermarkets who deliver, but was pleased enough with the service and quality of the goods not to worry too much. But out of curiosity, I did my last shop through My Supermarket, which calculates how much your shopping would cost at several different supermarkets, and then transfers your shopping to whichever one you choose. To my surprise, Waitrose came out cheapest! So not only have I been getting great service, it really is great value too.

The only word of advice I would give is to shop online, with a list, and don't get too distracted by lovely things such as pale blue eggs for breakfast, or you can easily break your budget. Having said that, their Waitrose Essentials range can save you some pennies, and also I think it is important to have a treat or two in the trolley!

Happy Shopping!


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