Monday, 18 September 2006

An Adventure In The Kitchen, And A Plague!

Oh! How I do love Sundays! I must surely have mentioned before how they seem special somehow- perhaps as they are the one day that I never ever have to work. (Although, alas, alack, I have signed up to work several this Autumn as we are short of staff). This Sunday was no different…

After a delightful cup of tea in bed with Radio 4, we went blackberrying in Maldon. I had part of a cappuccino cake I had made left, so we dropped that off with my parents, then went for a nice long walk to gather blackberries. Sadly, so many had died and withered on the bush! We got two small ice cream containers full- enough to make half a bottle of blackberry brandy with some left for a blackberry-apple stew- but I felt sad for all the berries that had gone to waste. We are thinking of going to a different village on Thursday evening to get some more- need to make that other half of a bottle of brandy!

We enjoyed lunch with my parents before setting off back home- where I settled with a pot of tea and the Sunday paper, and then the Boden catalogue! I made a loaf of bread to go with veggie soup ( a new bread machine recipe that uses less salt, no sugar and no milk powder, unlike my old one) and then made lunch for today.

I sat and stitched on my 12 days of Christmas cards (Five go-oo-ld rings!) and watched Spooks. Oh, I am glad that it is back! And I can scarce wait for tonight to see the outcome. Such delicious nonsense!

Now one thing- is anyone else under attack by wave after wave of Daddy Long-Legs? I counted seven in the kitchen this morning! They are everywhere- I even had one flying round my feet in bed the other evening which made me jump out of my skin! Has anyone else found themselves under attack? And short of closing all the windows, is there a nice (ie not soaked-in-chemicals) method of repelling them?

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Daisy Lupin said...

Aparently a bumper year for daddylonglegs, due to the warm dry summer then the bout of rainy weather, makes ideal conditions for more of them to survive. Do you know they only live for just over one day? Also a bumper autumn for spiders, I have noticed loads of them scuttling about their business.