Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Today I Am Wearing

I went to town on Friday, to buy, of all things, some temporary tattoos. Dear Carl and I went to a murder mystery dinner that evening (lots of fun!) and his character was a boxer called Mike Bison- and he needed tattoos for his costume!

While I was in town, on my temporary tattoo mission, I spotted a dress in New Look that made me do a double take- before I knew it, I was trying it on, then getting in line to pay for it! And today, I am wearing it.

It is a wrap dress- I have wanted one for ages, but this was the first one I have tried on that is flattering! It has a collar and deep v-neck, and ¾ sleeves. It comes just below my knee, and is in a wonderful scarlet red. It makes me feel all slinky, and has a 40’s vibe to it. Better yet, it was only £12!

I painted my nails red to match, and have red lipstick on today too.

What are you wearing today?

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