Saturday, 2 September 2006

Fabulous Friday

Today I am working, so yesterday was my Friday off. I went to see Mum, and we spent the morning shopping for clothes. Now I love clothes, but rarely seem to get to shop for them. I worked out that although I have done functional clothes shopping (you know, I need an outfit for a wedding, I need new shoes for work) I have not gone out and done browsing 'I don't need anything, but am going to buy something just because I love it' shopping for six years, when I started working at the library.

Oh, the joy that is Asda! In a town a half hour drive away from where Mum lives, they have opened a whole shop just for clothes! It is so, so cheap. It was amazing to be able to pick up things and not worry about how much they cost- to be able to risk falling in love before looking at the price label. I tried on lots and came away with some treasures.

1) A pair of new slippers for dear Carl- soft grey, to keep his toes warm.

2) A new pair of slippers for me- gorgeous pink ones, with pink pom poms on! Some of the money goes to Breast Cancer, so they are fabulous in all ways!

3) A long, flared at the bottom pink suede-style skirt, with a belt of pink beads (that I am going to make a necklace out of). Fully lined! Washable! Soft! A miracle!

4) My green t-shirt top that I am wearing today - see post below

5) A tight fitting yet flattering jumper in Nigella blue- similar to that which Nigella wears

Then, in the evening Book Club. We discussed PopCo, which I did enjoy very much, and shall probably read again. We also had a lady visit to do a focus group on Fair Trade. It was interesting to see the varied responses and opinions to the same adverts and products.

And I am herding the books back to their shelves like naughty sheep who have escaped.

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miss*R said...

I love buying clothes at bargain prices! sounds like you had fun and those pink slippers - perfect!