Thursday, 21 September 2006

Is There A Word For This?

If there isn’t, I wonder what the word should be? Not quite a coincidence, something more…

Well, perhaps there is a word already, and I just don’t know it. As part of my eating healthily kick, I bought some oatibix for breakfast, having decided that oats are a good thing. They are rather nice, but I don’t want to have the same thing every morning, so I thought porridge would be good (well, when this Indian Summer we are enjoying is over, anyway!). So I went into the healthfood shop and became confused by all the different kinds. Logged onto one of my favourite websites, went to the Ramble board- and lo! A discussion about porridge (well, oatmeal, but it seems to be the same!).

I spotted Real Simple magazine in our little newsagents, and decided to treat myself to it on payday. (Yes, as if I need to buy more magazines!). I visited my dear friend’s blog and lo! She is talking about Real Simple magazine!

I idly mentioned to my sister that I had seen fabulous matte gold wrapping paper in Oxfam (the shop that sells the fair-trade chocolate and things, not the general charity shop)- and lo! She had seen it too and had planned to use it this year!

Although I am feeling a bit stressed about the reading I have to do (two for bookgroups, and two that have been lent and recommended to me) I wanted to make a list of books- good books- to read and lo! I visit the ever lovely and she asks for suggestions for good things to read!

Perhaps we are just all really in tune?

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