Thursday, 14 September 2006

My One-Hundredth Post!

As dusk fell last night, the air turned cooler suddenly, and then a rushing noise filled the air. The rain simply fell down out of the sky, hitting the ground so hard it made a kind of mist. Then, the three hour thunder-and-lightning extravaganza began.

To begin with, we had the blind in the living room down, as thunder and lightning terrify me. They actually make me jump, and I hate the storm headaches I get. But our blind is a little narrower than the window, so I could see some of the flashes anyway- and decided I would rather see them properly.

So we had the blind up, lit our candles, and sat and watched what was a really spectacular storm. There was lots of sheet lightning, and once or twice it was really hard to tell what was a train going by (the train line is at the bottom of our garden) and what was thunder!

I sat on the sofa with my tea, and cut out Christmas cards. Have I mentioned what I am doing for my Christmas-cards-for-work yet? I am making paper angels that will stand up- very simple, all in white. Then I am pricking a design around the hem of their dress, and brushing some gold on for a halo. After that I am going to make each one a scroll that says 'Merry Christmas'. I have cut out the angel shapes with scallop scissors.

It was quite a cozy evening really, sitting sipping tea, watching the storm, making cards and chatting to Carl. Our dear little snake was all hidden away in his tank, as I felt like doing this morning. He curls himself up, then tucks his head under one of his coils. He is all miserable and sad at the moment as he is getting ready to shed. He won't eat for a couple of weeks or come out to play until he finally sheds, and then he is right as rain again- I hope he sheds soon, as it makes me sad to see him so blue.

When I walked to work this morning, I put on my pink sandals to go with my long pink skirt and sparkly pink hairband (I wore a white top, so it was not a pink overload!)- well, when I got to the subway crossing, I discovered that one end was completely flooded! I had to back out, go back down the road, cross on the crossing there and go through town to work instead. A nice little adventure detour with which to start the day!

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Congrats, Mimi!

Tracy from Seaside Enchantment