Tuesday, 24 April 2007

130 Miles There, 100 Miles Back

This Saturday has been my favourite wedding activity so far. Dear Carl, myself and our Mums set off for Haslemere in Surrey to see lovely, lovely Sam of Idyllic Days (www.idyllic-days.com). Unfortunately one of the motorways was shut on the way down, so Carl navigated us through a myriad of tiny villages, which were oh, so beautiful, that I was secretly really rather pleased that we had been diverted. So much wisteria! And in several villages, all the eaves and window frames had been painted a delightful bottle green. It is much more hilly than here in flat, flat Essex, a thing which always pleases me.

When we got to our destination, Sam was so nice. Perhaps I should explain- Idyllic Days is a scrumptious company that hires out vintage china, glass, linens, deck chairs…you name it! And we are hiring cake stands and tea cups and so on for our afternoon tea wedding reception in August. We visited so we could chat about exactly how many of which things we would like to hire, and also to be able to have a look at her treasures. And oh, what treasures she had! While we were sitting in her living room, I noticed a bunch of dried hydrangeas which I took to be a very good sign indeed- for they are our wedding flowers!

After we had finished there, we went into the little town for a wander. I was very taken with it- there was an organic tea shop (unfortunately we did not have time to visit) and a health food shop that wasn’t Julian Graves or Holland and Barrett! There were lots of little independent shops, and also a gorgeous library. Small and like stepping back a few years, but in the best possible way. Before we went we had a picnic in the car, and it was divine sitting sipping coffee and just relaxing in the utter gorgeousness of it all.

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tash said...

It looks so lovely - your wedding will be beautiful, I'm sure! :)