Monday, 16 April 2007

Today I Am Wearing

Well, tomorrow I will be wearing my new dress! I popped out at lunch time today to get some sun, and the most fabulous dress caught my eye. It was bright green with white polka dots, in a very fifties shape. It has a kind of ruched thing that could be a belt if it were not part of the dress, right under the bust, and then the skirt is really full and flarey. They had it in red, white, black or green. Although the green had caught my eye, I looked at the red (I have a lot of red, pinks and purples in my wardrobe) as I just don’t have any green in my wardrobe. Certainly not such a BRIGHT green. But then I remembered a friend talking about colour therapy, saying that sometimes you are not drawn to what might be your favourite colour, but to a colour that is perhaps missing in your life. And as the dress was only £20 I decided to go with it, and buy the green. So tomorrow I will be wearing my new bright green polka dot fifties dress, with high heeled black peep toe shoes!


tash said...

It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time - and it's been nice to hear your dreams and ideas, never be afraid to share them because someone might say otherwise (if nothing else you can just block them!).

I love the sound of the dress, too. Green is one of those colours that has taken me a while to really appreciate but I now love it completely! Enjoy your dress (and try not to give too many elderly men heart attacks!) hehe :)

Vintage Glamour said...

The dress sounds wonderful!