Monday, 16 April 2007

Friday 13th

This Friday, I LOVED my postman, and HATED my hairdresser. The day started really well. It was my treasured Friday off, and I had spent Thursday using a days leave to cook up a storm in the kitchen and fill my little freezer (root veg cous cous, meatballs in tomato sauce, vegetable and bean soup…).

Then the postman buzzed to be let in, and he delivered me a parcel full of goodies from Connie in America. We were partners in a vintage beauty swap, but we ran into some troubles- she only got part of my address given to her, and by the time we realized what had happened, the post office had sent it all the way back to her! She kindly sent it again, and it was utterly scrumptious. Everything was done up in fabulous scented rose-printed tissue paper that had scalloped edges, which felt so spoiling to unwrap. There was the prettiest vintage handkerchief, a pillar candle in gorgeous pinks that smells of candied apples, a perfect pink lipstick and nailpolish, and then also a fabulous pearly necklace. Everything just went together so well, a perfect little package. I wish I could say I was ever so restrained, but alas, I am not- and no sooner had I finished exclaiming with delight than I had painted my nails with my new polish!

The rest of the day continued beautifully- Mum and Dad had come to town, and we shared coffee together before Mum and I went for a wander round the shops. It was after I said goodbye to them and waved them off on the bus that it went wrong. You see, I knew I had five or six hours before Carl would be home, and it was so sunny it seemed a shame to just go back home. So I thought I would get my hair trimmed- I know it is vain to say so, but ever since I have been using my straighteners and new deep conditioner, I have been loving my hair! It is a bit like how Evie from the House of Elliott wore it, but slightly longer- too long in fact. As there is a hairdresser in town that I get a corporate discount from, and as they had an appointment ready right away, I decided to go in for a trim before going home.

Oh, ladies, if only I had remembered it was Friday 13th! How different things might have been. Never before had I realised how much of a females confidence is tied up in how she feels about how she looks. My hair is utterly spoiled. She cut it so, so short. I had asked for an inch off the bottom, keeping the bob shape. What I got was something very different. The back is all layered, right up to nearly the top, so instead of having a smooth long layer of hair, all you see is the choppy ends. My fringe is really thick and chunky, and s.h.o.r.t. and the sides of my hair seem to be missing altogether. It all seems to be flicky spikey ends, everywhere. I got home, put on a hat, and sobbed. I know it might sound ever so superficial and vain to be so shallow, but I just feel terrible. Every time I look in a mirror, I want to cry. And I only have three and a half months to grow the whole lot back before the wedding!

So, I am taking a hair, skin and nails supplement from Holland and Barrett three times a day, doing a lot of scalp massage and trying to soak up some sunshine! Let it be a warning- never go to the hairdressers on Friday 13th!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor you Mimi, don't worry it will be fine for the wedding. Oh hairdresser's they just do what they want don't they?

Anonymous said...

oh Mimi anonymous is me Wendy fairycakegirl!

Mimi said...

Hello lovely fairycakegirl! I miss your blog! But I am glad you are still about! Have you seen Gwenny yet?