Thursday, 26 April 2007

Scrumptious Evening

Ooohhh ladies, I have such a scrumptious evening lined up! As you know, Mr Carl is now working in London, and tonight he is going out for a works dinner, so I will have the whole of our darling little flat to myself. When I get home I am going to run myself the bubbliest bubble bath, and jump in with my Bathina Bath Hat and an aromatherapy face mask and a cup of rose tea. When I am done soaking, I am going to snuggle into my fluffy dressing gown, and have some dinner. Dinner tonight is going to be dreadfully decadent- a dinner from Marks and Spencers and one of their lovely chocolate pot desserts. I am going to light some tea lights while I have this, and watch a dvd. I have Doris Day Young At Heart to enjoy, and while I watch that I am going to be sticking and glueing some more wedding invitations.

Hope you all have a scrumptious evening too!

1 comment:

tash said...

It sounds decadent, especially the heavenly bubble bath!