Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Today I Am Wearing...

....Another new dress, I am afraid!

Ah, but you see, I have reason. It was pay day, and it is a Peacocks dress, so not a great many pennies. And it is so very me! In fact, it is such a scrumptious little dress that I think I should stop excusing it and try to win you over with the deliciousness of it!

The bodice is boned, and it has two little shoe-string straps. It ends just below my knee, and is white with a beautiful black print of flowers and vines all over it, with a large bold border of flowers. It should have a big thick black belt with it, but I didn’t quite like it- perhaps I shall buy some wide silk ribbon instead. I am wearing it with my little tight black Nigella cardigan, and my darling black high heeled sling-back peep toe shoes. For a splash of colour I am wearing green eyeshadow, and today I feel like I should be sipping cappuccino in a street cafĂ© in Rome.

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