Friday, 20 April 2007

Derelict Beauty

There is a house on my way to work that draws my eye every time I pass it. It is about half way down the long straight road that I walk down, on the left hand side. It is a large old house, yet curiously near to the street. I suspect when it was built it had a garden at the front which has now been eaten up with tarmac and concrete. It fascinates me because it is so decorative and beautiful, yet so faded and neglected at the same time. I have lived in my little flat for three years now, and the house was like it even back then. There are panes of glass broken that no one has repaired, but in a secret way I am a little pleased, because it affords a little glimpse of the rooms inside. I have daydreams of restoring it to its former glory, and plan what we would use each of the rooms for. I imagine getting rid of all the weeds and the nasty concrete in the front, painting the window frames and showing the house some love. Because that puzzles me- who owns this glorious building and yet cares so little for it? I know repairs and renovations are expensive, but surely it would be better to sell it than to own it and let it slowly die?

This morning bought the most beautiful sight. A wheelie bin has been blown or knocked over, and the lid has fallen open showing rubbish that has been waiting to be collected for how ever many years it is now that the house has been uninhabited. And around all this decay and neglect, there are the most glorious wisteria creeping over everything. They are the most wonderful lilac colour, all muted as though they don’t want to compete with the beauty of the derelict house, but complement it. I love how nature doesn’t discriminate, and will touch anything with its beauty.

Tomorrow we are off to Surrey to meet the lovely, lovely lady who has the most scrumptious business- She hires out the most amazing vintage china and such things- picnic hampers, glass, all kinds of lovely things. We are going to hire cake stands and cake plates and so on for our afternoon tea wedding reception, and she kindly said we could go and look at what she has got! I can hardly wait. Then on Sunday we are off to Cressing Temple for a St George’s Day celebration. There is going to be jousting and a medieval fair and so on. And then? Then it is back to Monday again! Hope you all have the most scrumptious weekend!

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tash said...

I know of houses like that of which you speak - disheveled-looking on the outside but with masses of potential just waiting to be explored. I think we saw that with this house, and I feel very at home here, because we've tweaked it here and there and made it our own little paradise :) Which isn't to say it doesn't have its downsides, but it's homely and exudes love and warmth.

Enjoy your trip to Surrey - we've just come back from a hefty trip to get some chickens for our garden!