Thursday, 5 April 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

It seems to me that birthdays really are the nicest of days! I had such a lovely day on Friday-dear Carl had to work of course, and although I would have had him with me were I given the choice, I got on as well as I could without!

I went on the bus to see Mum for the day-eventually! I missed the bus because a dear friend phoned me for a birthday chat- surely the best reason for missing a bus! So I went to buy a bottle of water, and discovered that the new Martha Stewart Living magazine was out- and it was the Easter special!

When I got to Maldon, Mum and I drove to Tiptree to the lovely little nursery. They do amazing home cooked food there, but we were a bit early. So we had a cup of coffee in the conservatory overlooking the fields, until it was time to get in the queue. Really astonishing- one moment you are all alone, blink, and the next there is a queue snaking out of the door! Had a scrummy smoked haddock pie with salad, and Mum surprised me with a perfect cupcake that I had to smuggle out in my handbag as I was just too full to eat!

We then went back to Maldon, as we both had an appointment at the spa for a facial. I have not been for years, since I moved out of home, and luckily enough I got the lady I used to have, so we caught up. There are so many lovely touches at the spa- your name is written on a mirror on the door to your treatment room, so you feel like a film star! Then you snuggle up in a soft bed while they do your facial, and there is peaceful music playing, and lavender oil burning. You get swept away on a wave of blissful relaxation.

In the Spa Boutique, I treated myself to a deep conditioner that smells of pumpkin, and really does work. I had been looking for one for a while!

Then in the evening my family came to me at home, and we had dinner together. I was sitting in bed with a cup of tea, quite exhausted by 10:00pm (getting older!) and was opening some presents and cards…when…..woosh! Out flew a wind up paper butterfly from one! Made me shriek but happily my tea remained unspilled!

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tash said...

Many happy returns of the day! I'm sl glad you had a great time :) The facial sounds delicious.