Tuesday, 29 March 2011

At The Crafting Table

On Sunday, I visited my lovely friend Wendy for a crafting afternoon. A group of ladies from work, and a couple of their teenage girls sat round her kitchen table, sipping tea from pretty cups and saucers and crafting. It was such a comfortable convivial afternoon. The sun was shining which was nice, and everything was peaceful and companionable. One of the teenagers had baked brownie cupcakes which were really tasty. I stitched on my 'keep calm and carry on' cross stitch sampler while another girl sewed a chicken pincushion. Another made a heart lavender bag, and someone else sewed bunting while another knitted. We made plans for future craft endeavours, swapped chatter and news and just created. There is something about communal crafting like that that makes me feel very relaxed and happy. Wendy's kitchen was just beautiful, too. The walls were covered in a blue and cream wallpaper that reminded me of William Morris, and she had bunting up that she hade made. I had not visited her before, but it was just the kind of home I imagined her living in, which is really the best thing you can say about any home, I think! Tell me, what craft projects are you working on? I wish we could all sit round my kitchen table together (if I had one!!) and sip tea and catch up!


Dinahsoar said...

Sounds like fun. I'd definitely want to join you in a crafting afternoon at your table. What a pleasant time it would be.

Debbie said...

I know exactly what you mean about crafting together, I just started going to a local craft group and I love it. At the moment I am helping to make some bunting, and using a sewing machine for the first time ever! One of the other ladies showed me how the machine worked and is going to help me to make something from patchwork next, I am looking out for a simple project to try. Maybe a cushion?

At home I am just about to start knitting a tea cosy from the wonderful pattern at http://www.thenewhomemaker.com/hands/crafts/teacosy.html
You put in the circumference of your teapot and it gives you the pattern. I have knitted one before for my one-cup pot, and now I want to make a larger one.

My Dad has also just put in a request for a new knitted cotton dishcloth, as the last one I made him is finally in holes. I knit all my dishcloths, I find it quite therapeutic to knit something easy and repetitive, it calms my mind. And washing is nicer with a pretty cloth!