Friday, 4 March 2011

When Your Heart Says Spring But The Breeze Says Winter!

It looks so beautiful outside...the sun is bright which makes the light brittle somehow. There are spring flowers peeping out of the greenery everywhere I look - the last of the shy pale snowdrops here, the proud jaunty daffodils standing proudly over the duckling-like crocuses. And yet, when you open the window to let the spring come pouring in, or venture outside, the icy chill of the air reminds you that Winter is definitely not behind us yet! When I was walking home last night, the pavements were starting to sparkle lightly, with a hint of frost.

It is hard to know what to eat in this weather...after what feels like months and months of winter, I am starting to crave lighter food, and yet where it is still chilly, I want something more comforting than salad. Last night I made my new favourite soup, spinach with a poached egg floating in it. Tonight I have made a dinner mainly out of what I had in my storecupboards and freezer - the only addition I bought in were two giant yellow peppers! It is still in the oven so I cannot yet vouch for the flavour, but what I made was:

A Light But Warming Supper Dish For Chilly Spring Days

2 yellow peppers (or any colour you prefer; the larger side is better)
1 box tomato and chilli spelt mix (or you could substitute risotto rice or mix)
handful cherry tomatoes
1 salmon fillet
mature cheddar cheese (a good grating)
handful of pine nuts (optional)
drizzle of olive oil

1) Make the spelt or risotto recipe as directed on the box, or use your favourite recipe, or some left over risotto.

2) Meanwhile, cut each pepper in half, retaining the stalk if you can - it looks pretty - and deseed.

3) Halve the cherry tomatoes and divide evenly between the peppers.

4) Lightly poach the salmon, flake and stir into the spelt or risotto.

5) Use this to fill the peppers.

6) Sprinkle with cheese and pine nuts, drizzle with oil.

7) Bake in a gentle oven for 45 minutes or so, until the peppers are soft and almost collapsing.

If you have some to hand, a splash of balsamic vinegar would be delicious to go with it!

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