Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rolling Pin Ravioli...

...turned out to be a dish that is definitely for weekends or days off, not for a work night! I did enjoy making it, but parts of it were very fiddly!

You start off by making a soft pasta dough, which you then roll out with a pin (I did try and put it through my pasta machine, but it was just too soft!) and then cut into small rounds (2-3cm). Then you fill them with pureed roasted butternut squash, put them together (I brushed the 'lid' with water, draped it over the filling then crimped the edges with a tiny cake fork) and boiled them.

I have to say that next time I will be making them a bit bigger...at that size you make a great many which is very time consuming, and you can't fit anything like the teaspoon of filling in them that the author suggets.

To finish, you serve with wilted spinach, a dribble of sage butter, a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts, and a grating of parmesan. I topped mine off with a grating of black pepper and nutmeg.

I was feeling a bit tired after making it...not necessarily from the exertion, after all, rolling out pasta with a rolling pin isn't a lot of work, just sometimes when I have cooked something, I suddenly get tired of it all of a sudden...but when I served it, it was pronounced delicious by my lovely husband, and it did look lovely on the plate, so I will be making it again.

Just another word of warning...I definitely recommend both the book and the recipe, but this is a washing-up heavy dish! Happily nothing gets too dirty, but there is just a lot of it (a tin to roast the butternut squash in, then the vitamix to puree it, a bowl for the pasta making, two saucepans to boil it in, a pan to toast the pine nuts in which I reused to make the sage butter, and then a pan for the spinach too!)

Now, what shall I make for dinner tonight...?

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