Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Today I Am Wearing..., red, red! Quite a few years ago now, I read a horoscope style guide, and it said that everyone thinks Aries girls love red, when usually they prefer it with a splash of white, and pink is their colour, really. Now it is true I do like pink, but red really is my colour, and over the last few years I have really rediscovered it!

Today I am wearing my red wrap dress which I just adore. It always makes my waist feel small and my bust feel generous, even on 'plump' days. I have a flick of black eyeliner over each eye, and a sweep of mascara. Of course, I am wearing red lipstick, today 'Cherry' by Boots No 7. Simple black heels to finish the look, and underneath to carry on the theme, red polka dot underwear!

I snatched a few minutes this morning to blow my hair dry, and when I do that it is much straighter than otherwise, and I can really see that it is much, much longer now! Swishy and swirly, and maybe even in the 'long' category rather than 'mid length'! I must update my profile picture soon, so you can see it. I really can't see me ever going short again with my hair, I feel so much happier with it like this. My organic rose shampoo and conditioner seem to really suit it too!

Fleur de Guerre has a tutorial on her blog ( on how to do Victory Rolls...maybe over the weekend, I will experiment with those!

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Dinahsoar said...

I'm an Aries too!..and I especially love pink. But I do like red and get compliments when I wear it. Your red and black combination is a good one.