Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Bath Bliss

Oh, the bliss! A Coach Excursion company in my area is doing a day trip to Bath mid may. I am going! Well, I have not got as far as booking the ticket, but I have talked a friend into going with me. We are planning a lovely walk, tea in the pump rooms, and, at the Jane Austen Centre, there is a gift shop selling all sorts of vintage fripperies and lovelinesses! I can barely wait!

I want to go through the catalogue and see what else is on offer now! It occurred to me that if I was a visitor to England, there would be so many places I want to visit. Because I live here, I forget to wake up that dormant spark.


Rachel said...

Oh, it sounds like great fun to me!! Go and enjoy!

Mindy said...

What a lucky girl you are...have a wonderful time!

VintagePretty said...

hallelujah, finally I can comment!

Bath is the most heavenly place, definitely talk to the man in the Pump Rooms (the one dressed comically giving out the warm 'medicinal' waters), he is a blast. The Roman baths are also very good, albeit busy at times, but still worth it (if only to put your hands and feet in the water they say is out of bounds due to health & safety...!).

Enjoy your trip muchly, you lucky thing!