Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Loveliness In The Rain

I walked to walk this morning in the rain, splosh, splosh, splosh!

It was actually rather lovely. Most of the walk into work is a long straight road, with a slight slope- not enough to be a hill, but enough to notice. I walk from the high end where I live to the low end where the town is that the library is in.

I spotted this morning...

...a glorious patch of snowdrops amongst the grass outside an old house.

...a rather fabulous clear umbrella with pink stripes of varying shade

...on the bridge over the river, all the rain was falling in beautiful patterns. Like fish kissing the water surface!

...a pair of ducks splodging about on the path through the park. It looked like he was wearing wellies his legs were so orange!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful morning whatever the weather!


Kristy said...

There is so much beauty around us isn't there?My garden id full of little crocus popping their haed out.They make me smile every day!

Leanne said...

We had a light rain here yesterday and this morning. All of the snow is gone and it's a balmy 52deg outside. There's that fresh new smell of spring in the air, and it's completely beautiful, mud included! Your walk sounds just wonderful. I love that you took the time to notice those things and could share them with us. The little things are really inspirational!

Mindy said...

Have a wonderful Day!! I enjoy your blog!