Monday, 20 March 2006

Finding A Mutual Interest

Now, I promise you, we really are not train spotters at all. But on Sunday afternoon, while I was chugging through the countryside on a sweet little steam train, I realised that this is the third railway museum we have visited!

This one is in Chappel, and it is the sweetest thing. You see, the whole thing has been restored to its former glory, as it were, when trains were steam, and there were separate waiting rooms for ladies and men...vintage loveliness really. And the thing is, one platform is still used by the modern trains! How wonderful it would be to arrive, not knowing that the station is also a muesum, and to think for one moment you have travelled back in time.

I think as far as lovely Carl goes, it calls to him in the way that barbeques call to the caveman in him. He loves all the mechanics of the trains, and is quite happy to look round for that. I adore seeing old suitcases and trunks piled up, the social history I suppose really. And we both love having rides on these wonderful old trains. I must admit, that as the steam rolled across the platform, in my mind I was wearing nylons and a hat and gloves (well I was wearing a hat and gloves, but these were wooly ones! I mean more hat and gloves because that is what ladies wear!) but anyway, I like to imagine I am back then...and so, apart from freezing my toes off, we both spend a happy afternoon together.

I had a ridiculously early night last night, having got up ridculously early to watch the Grand Prix. It is so nice to be snuggled down in the warm, with a good book, just enjoying being in bed. Before I got into bed I burnt some violet oil, so the room smelt delicious.

Other fun this weekend...I have been planning and plotting away at my vintage care package swap for Kristy I am so enjoying this! It is lovely to plan a package of sheer frivolity just for the fun of it. And as a bonus for me, I have another delicious blog to add to my daily round of reads! I am down to London on Friday for the Cross Stitch and Craft Exhibition at Olympia...I go every year with a friend from work. I won't be sending this parcel out until I have been there...

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