Thursday, 23 March 2006

Library Bug

Oh dear, oh dear.

There is this bug that stalks the shelves of the library. It hides, then pounces on unsuspecting library workers. I had done pretty well at avoiding it so far this year, but zap, it got me, which is why I have been away from here. (And I missed it!)

I am better now, a bit wobbly, but fully alert to dodge it next time it tries to pounce!

Now first things first, thank you lovely, for the vegetable soup recipe, I am going to go to the farm shop Saturday, and try it out for lunch.

Also, on the way into work Tuesday (I got into work then got sent right back home again!) I did see through the haze, the most wonderful waterfall of violets, coming over the side of a low brick wall. The bricks are kind of grey, and there are lots of plants growing near them, but these violets were such a delicious bit of colour, I wanted to share them with you all.

Now I am nearly besides myself with excitement, as I am going down to London tomorrow, for the Cross Stitch Exhibition. And I am doing a workshop! I am a bit vague as to what the workshop will involve, but I do know that it is by one of my favourite cross stitch designers, (Ginger Tom) and we have to take a two inch by two inch photo. So I am taking Rouge. Rouge is a wonderfully beautiful lady on a vintage postcard that the glorious Alison from Brocante Home sent me shortly after I started writing Mimi Says for her. (I must finish off the one I am working on!) I dont want her spoiled though, so I am going to photocopy her.

The one treasure I want to come home with is an old fashioned rose to embroider. I see them mainly in needlepoint, which I dont do...yet..but I am thinking if I can cross stitch, maybe I can do that!

I will be away from my computer for a day or so- but will be back soon!



BrocanteHome said...

Hey Sweetie, glad you are feeling a bit better. Rouge in cross stitch? sounds divine. Have a lovely

mrspao said...

I know this sounds strange but I think you might be the Mimi who sent me the winter care package! I really wanted to say thank you for it at the time and life went a bit haywire then so I hadn't done it. If it was you - thank you! I didn't know what your blog was so couldn't send you a comment either :( Anyway if you are that Mimi: thank you thank you thank you. All the goodies were appreciated and I use the Tiffany blue diary all the time!

VintagePretty said...

Glad you're feeling better, the bugs did the rounds here in November, bah! Can't they tell it's spring?!

Enjoy your workshop and expo, it sounds fab!

Mimi said...

Hi Mrspao!

Yes, that was me with the care package! Wasn't that swap wonderful? I do so love taking part!

I am so glad you liked the goodies, I just could not leave that diary on the shelf! It is lovely to think of it being used.

I hope the haywire part has calmed down now, and you ar back on track!