Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Curtain Call

If this post is a little disjointed to read, that is because I typed it all out yesterday, and then blogger said that it had lost its connection to the server, and, vamoosh! My words all disappeared like the proverbial puff of smoke! So, here it is again!

This past weekend was spent in a state of domestic bliss! Well, from Saturday evening 5.30 pm when I left work for the day! We saw a play in the church hall in Maldon- my friend directed and produced it. I was very impressed- they had written their own story but used show songs in it. Then off to see Mum and Dad. Mum has just finished making us the most glorious curtains for our bedroom- they are a pale but vibrant green, with rusty orange oak leaves and yellow swirls all over. I know that does not sound glorious, but oh, oh they are! And now they are hung, our bedroom seems so much more perfect. There is a white fabric blind, then on the windowsill my white pottery chamber stick and candle, crystal vase, then our curtains. The light in the room seems much more rich now. Yesterday, I went out and bought daffodils for the bedroom and living room- they just finish a room, I think.

Sunday was farmers market day. Oh, how I love the farmers market. We have a big one the first Sunday of each month, and a few stall holders come on a Friday too. Buy of the day came from the pesto man. He gave us pesto to try which was divine, and showed us Jimmy Docherty's (of Jimmy's Farm on tv) latest cookbook- and there inside is this lovely mans very own pesto recipe! I bought some buffalo mozzarella from him too- it is made in Rome and his friend drives it back to England every week. So the mozzarella I bought (and ate!) Sunday had been made in Rome only the Monday before! I was strangely delighted with this! Best of all he is going to be at the market each Friday...mmmm....

We had dinner with Carls parents Sunday..and borrowed their tumble drier! So Sunday evening was spent curled up in my lovley soft dressing gown in my bedroom with Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day...which I am adoring! And I am taking a ridiculous amount of pleasure in opening and closing the curtains each day!

One last thing before I go...if anyone else has bought this months BBC Good Food magazine, I made the spring fish pie last night, and it was amazing...give it a go!

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Flossy said...

I love reading about your days :) It is just the sort of life I'd love to have. I sometimes wish we had those things closer, but that is the trade off for living in the country I guess. So I'll just have to live vicariously through your blog!