Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Playing Catchup

Phew! Where does the week go? I cannot believe nearly a whole week has gone by since I posted last. But here I am, ready to catch up.

Firstly, it is cold here. The real kind of cold that makes you catch your breath and hurts your jaw when you walk into work in the morning. My morning walk to the library has yielded some beautiful sights. I cross a bridge over the river Can, then walk alongside it through the park. The far bank has had only yellow crocuses for ages (croci?!) but suddenly, over the weekend, the yellow that peppers the grass has been intersperesed with violet and white flowers too, and looks wonderful. If it was not so chilly out I would walk down one lunch time, and cross over to that bank so I could enjoy them properly.

Also, yesterday, when I went to get a newspaper, there was this glorious pigeon. He was sitting so puffed up, so hugged down into himself agaisnt the cold, and had the most wonderful colours. In one light he had turquoise, and in another, purple. It was almost like he was wearing a scarf around his neck against the chill.

I have been knitting Easter Chicks still, I have a knitting bag full of them awaiting little ribbon bonnets and bows. I have also been crocheting away as I started a blanket last week for our bed. The square I am using is an Irish Sow Thistle, which is wonderful in that it looks pretty but is relatively easy, and best of all is that you join the squares as you crochet them, so no big sewing up session awaits me, lurking!

I have had some adventures in the kitchen. The mozarella chicken and basil ravioli was nice but did not work..the ravioli cushions misbehaved greatly. But having got the new issue of Country Kitchen magazine, I have resolved to make my own Hot Cross Buns this year for Good Friday breakfast. I may just have to have a practice this week...

You know what I was thinking? I was thinking how scrumptious it would be if we had a virtual vintage tea party. I so often think that there are so many of you I would love to have a cup of tea with. It would be lovely if we all agreed a time, sat down with our best china, and enjoyed a cup of our favourite tea with some little delicious morsel, and thought lovely vintage thoughts...


Flossy said...

A virtual Vintage Tea Party! What an utterly delightful idea :)

Hot cross buns are quite easy to make, but yes, you may need to practise lots! *lol* I am going to start practising them this week myself :)

Mimi said...

Ohhh, that could be what we have at our tea party! Each to their own, of course, but yum!