Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Cross Stitch Catch Up

With all my excitement yesterday I forgot to post about my adventures at the cross stitch exhibition at Olympia, London.

Although the day dawned dark and drizzly, we really did have the best time (I went with a lovely lady from work, Apryl. We have been going to this together for the past five years or so). I love going on the train down to London-although I must confess that I was half imagining myself to be on one of those lovely vintage steam trains from the other weekend!

I had in my mind that I wanted to buy a kit to do a picture of a rose- you know in historic houses and Country Living magazine you often see cushions or rugs or tapestries, with beautiful big roses on them. Slightly old fashioned, but glorious to me. Happily, half way round I spotted a miniature needlepoint kit to stitch a couple of roses, some lily of the valley and bluebells. It is really fine work, there are 28 holes per inch on the canvas, which makes for teeny stitches! But because it is needlepoint it is quicker than cross stitch. I have only done the border so far, but it is rather delicious and relaxing to stitch. I love that it is in miniature too!

I also bought a pattern for a beautiful sampler, but not a sampler in the traditional sense. It is sort of rustic naive American style- really lovely and I can't wait to get stitching! Go have a peek at http://www.bentcreek.com

I also treated myself to a new pair of embroidery scissors- my little snips! Last but not least, and very dear to my heart, there was the Linden Lady (actually a man!) who sold me some delightful violet creams- the best sort, that have a crystallized violet petal on top.

I also did a stitching workshop while I was there, which was so relaxing. There was a harpist playing, and we just sat and stitched and listened to this wonderful music. It was such bliss. The thing I love about kits and workshops is that everything you need is there...you don't have to worry about matching colours or finding the right stuff, or having a pile of left over craft stuff, or carving out some time..it is all just there. I cannot recommend anything so good for relaxation (well, maybe apart from a massage!) as finding a really good craft workshop to do with a friend for an hour or so, and just immersing yourself.

The whole day was so blissfully peaceful- although it has left me with one of those odd urges ,to learn the harp!


mrspao said...

I couldn't get anywhere near Linden Lady when I went on Saturday. I think it'll definitely have to be on Friday next year as it was ever so busy on Saturday that I didn't get to look at cross stitch very much because it was such a crush!

Mimi said...

Ohh! You were there! Did you have a wonderful time? I usually go on a Thursday which is a crush also, but the Friday was really calm and nice- not nearly so much jostling about!

What did you get?